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  • Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents

    1: Programs

    Program Design Features that Cultivate Industrial Mega-Projects

    A Tale of Two CEIs

    Capturing the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Opportunity in the Wastewater Treatment Sector

    A Structure for Incentivizing Greater Achievements in Strategic Energy Management

    Energy Management Systems in a Vertically Integrated Power Utility

    ISO 50001 and SEP Faster and Cheaper - Exploring the Enterprise-Wide Approach

    Let’s Think Outside the Box…Wait…What’s IN the Box?: An Exploration of Water Network Energy Efficiency

    Compressed Air Leak Surveys: Gateway to Industrial Efficiency

    Are We All on the Same Page? Bridging the Knowledge Gap between Plant Personnel and Energy Consultants to Create Sustained Savings

    Estimating US Manufacturing Water Use

    Lessons Learnt from the Uptake of Energy Audits and Energy Management Systems in Germany

    How Best Practices in Documenting Strategic Energy Management Lead to Better Programs and More Savings

    A Streamlined Solution for Hard-to-Reach Small Industrial and Agricultural Markets

    Realigning Utility Incentives for Industrial Customers: Using Strategic Energy Management to Increase Customer Participation in Energy Efficiency Programs

    Dollars and Sense – How Utility Rebates Influence Implementation Beyond Economics

    Evaluation of Common Practices of Adopting Energy Efficiency Technologies in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities

    2: Technology/Analytics

    Direct and Indirect Impacts of Robots on Future Electricity Load

    New Benchmarking Tools for Industrial Manufacturing: An Industry Collaboration to Produce ENERGY STAR Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs)

    Cost, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing Competitiveness Issues Related to SiC-based Variable Frequency Drives for Industrial Motor Applications

    A Revolutionary Method of Saving Energy for Commercial and Industrial Fan Systems

    Co-Benefits of Detailed M&V: Piggybacking Off Required Measurement and Verification to Improve System Savings and Performance

    Permanent Magnet Motor with Tested Efficiency Beyond Ultra-Premium/ IE5 Levels

    Seeing is Believing: Data Visualization Dashboard Turns Ski Area Staff into Efficiency Experts

    Hydraulic Air Compressor (HAC) Demonstrator Project

    Adversary or Ally: Industrial Strategic Energy Management and Demand Response – Can They be Integrated?

    Smart Manufacturing Technologies and Data Analytics for Improving Energy Efficiency in Industrial Energy Systems

    A Framework to Standardize Site-Wide Analytics Results: Perspective from Collaboration between a Large Industrial User, an Energy Data Mining Company, and a Utility Program Provider

    Urban Production: Smart Rooftop Greenhouses as a Technology for Industrial Energy Symbiosis

    Trends and Observations of Energy Use in the Cannabis Industry

    Daily Load Profiles Clustering: A Powerful Tool for Demand Side Management in Medium-Sized Industries

    Hybrid Motor Technology to Achieve Efficiency Levels Beyond NEMA Premium

    Beyond the Spreadsheet: How to Grow Your Own Energy Data Science Team

    Quantifying the Statistical Importance of Utilizing Regression over Classic Energy Intensity Calculations for Tracking Efficiency Improvements in Industry

    Simulating the Effects of Air Compressor Controls and Sequencing Strategies in Variable Air Demand Environments

    3: People/Policy

    Evolution of Ontario's Incentivized Energy Manager Programs

    Cracking the Code: Understanding Customer Perceptions and Utility Strategies for Large Customer Energy Efficiency Programs

    Tools to Build the Framework for Engaging Employees in Making Industrial Buildings Better

    Exploring CHP Systems as a Conservation Measure in the Context of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Policy

    Market Impact of a Conservation Incentive Program for Combined Heat and Power Projects

    The Strategic Value of SEM in Limiting Climate Pollution

    Utility-Ownership of Combined Heat and Power: From Lost Load to Supply Solution

    Transforming Markets via Energy Manager Culture

    Does Mandatory Electricity Saving Target Really Prompt Taiwan Petrochemical Industry to Save More?

    U.S. Industrial Sector Energy Productivity Improvement Pathways

    How to Create a Successful Utility-Sponsored CHP Program by Aligning Electric and Natural Gas Goals

    State Ranking of Potential Electric Bill Savings through Industrial Energy Efficiency

    Personalizing Industrial DSM: Exceeding Expectations through Customer Collaboration

    Making the Case for Inclusive Industrial Energy Efficiency Policy

    US DOE Packaged Combined Heat and Power eCatalog

    Plant-level Goal and Recognition Programs as a Strategic Energy Management Tool

    Advancing Energy Efficiency: One Large Industrial Company's Unique Approach to Strategic Energy Management